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Does Refined Edge Painting guarantee its paint jobs on completion?

  • Yes, we do. We will guarantee all outside work for two years. We cannot guarantee normal wear and tear on outside floor areas such as decks or walkways, but other areas would be covered.

  • All interior work will be covered with a lifetime guarantee as to any paint quality breakdown.
How much experience do you have?

  • I have been painting professionally since 2000 and established my own company in 2006.
Are you on site at all times or do you have your employees do all the work?

  • I am on site working and overseeing all the work at your home or office. Unlike a lot of contractors that rely just on their employees, at Refined Edge Painting we are owner operated to ensure all the work is done to the highest standard.
Do the homeowners pick up the paint or does Refined Edge Painting do this?

  • Part of the service we provide is that we pick up all the paint and materials for every job, which often requires a stop at least once a day at our local paint store. We always recommend using high quality paints for all our projects to ensure longevity and durability.

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What is the benefit of using high quality paint?

  • We recommend using high quality paint because not only does it provide a superior finish and have much better durability, but it also makes the job go more smoothly and efficiently. When poor quality paints are used, more coats of paint will need to be applied to get adequate coverage, which in turn can cost the customer more in labour charges.
How about paint spraying? Can you do this?

  • Yes. We do airless spraying, and we always ensure that all your furniture and possessions are protected with plastic sheeting and the necessary coverings to ensure none of it gets damaged or overspray on it.
Do you have a workshop to do spraying, or do you do it on site?

  • All the spraying will be done on site once everything is protected. When spraying multiple doors, it will be necessary to have a space that we can mask off and set up the doors to be sprayed.
Do you move the furniture to the center of the room before painting or must the owner do this?

  • In most cases, we are able to move the furniture to the centre of the room, but in some cases if the furniture is too large and heavy, we may require either the homeowner or professional movers to be responsible for moving the heavy furniture.
Do colours affect the price?

  •  Yes. Some colours will require more than the average two coats. These colours are commonly whites (that are currently very popular) vibrant yellows, greens, or reds. A good contractor will ask what colours will be applied so that there are no surprises later, on completion and payment.

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Is a primer required when making a colour change?

  • If the walls don’t have any patchwork, then primer is not required for a colour change. Sometimes it is more cost efficient to use a primer when going from a dark to light colour, but this would be applicable on a case-by-case basis only. Economically, It may make more sense to simply use the new wall colour as a primer rather than purchasing extra primer paint.
What is your service area?

  • We service the GTA and don’t go any farther than one hour from Mississauga.
How does your pricing compare with that of your competitors?

  • We may not be the least expensive painting company around, but we take pride in our work and feel that we compare favourably in our pricing with other reputable painting competitors. We will do our best to give you a competitive price and satisfactory job.
If I have some questions about the work after it has been completed by Refined Edge Painting, will you be available for consultation?

  • We are available for discussion! The job is not finished until you’re completely satisfied. We have an excellent reputation and want to keep it that way! We will do our best to give you the best paint job we can. We only start work once we have discussed the work thoroughly with you. We will strive to explain costs, paint quality, and procedures so that any misunderstandings can be avoided. And if any questions arise during our work, we will do whatever we can to answer them fully.
What can I expect after the work is finished?

  • We make sure that all the areas described in the estimate are correctly painted and touched up. Then you will be invited to join us in a walk-through to make sure you are completely satisfied with the work done. Once you are happy with the work and certain that we have done everything to your satisfaction, we will arrange the final invoice and payment.

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